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Athens Democracy Forum

During the 2020 Athens Democracy Forum, along with Colombe Cahen-Salvador, I hosted a tutorial session on how to organize people across borders to solve global issues. For the session, we took participants through a “campaign cycle” to show that uniting across borders is not only possible but needed to impact global change.


We took as a case example our current Wave of Freedom campaign: in today’s world, democracies must unite and form a League of Democracies. Indeed, across the world, democracy is in decline and no country alone has the economic or diplomatic leverage to oppose dictatorships and protect freedom. For democracy to be won, prominent world leaders must ally, unite, and work together to create a global democratic system of governance. 

So let’s ensure the people of the world’s demand to create this League of Democracies is heard and enacted. Find out more about our current campaign here.

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The Equitist #0 | Let this journey begin!

November 03, 2021

Have you ever had the feeling that something good is about to happen? That you have taken the right direction, and things will align? In writing these few words, I am feeling exactly that way. This newsletter is the first official channel through which...

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October 1st 2021, Protest

October 04, 2021

On October 1st 2021, Atlas and other organizations held a rally in London UK, with over 2000 people joining to support Hong Kong, Tibet, Uygurs & many others suffering under the repression of the Chinese Communist Party. You can read my speech below, or...

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