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Forward is live!

Forward is the global political project working to elect a people-backed progressive candidate as the next leader of the United Nations!


Have you ever wondered why you do not have a voice on events impacting the whole world when they originate in another country? Why can President Bolsonaro burn the Amazon, Prime Minister Johnson cut aid to war-torn countries, or nations blocking vaccine distribution to those in need? It is high time to give a voice to people at the global level. But how do we start? Spoiler alert: we have an idea, read on!

The next United Nations Secretary-General is about to be chosen. They will not be elected but selected. The proceedings have already started, and most of the world knows nothing of it. 

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Athens Democracy Forum

During the 2020 Athens Democracy Forum, along with Colombe Cahen-Salvador, I hosted a tutorial session on how to organize people across borders to solve global issues. For the session, we took participants through a “campaign cycle” to show that uniting across borders is not only possible but needed to impact global change.

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